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Who’s brainwashing your kids today?

It's been bizarre listening to Americans freaking out over President Barack Obama's address to schoolchildren today  — in Canada, when our leader talks to schoolkids, they just turn awkwardly and look the other way:

And if American parents are so horrified at their leader supposedly imparting left-wing ideas on their children (ideas like working hard and getting an education), why then do these parents have no problem with TV turning their teens into slutty vampires?

Now I for one love slutty vampires but, as I eagerly await this Sunday's epic finale of 'True Blood,' even I have to admit to feeling a little, well, drained.  Time Warner, the giant media conglomerate that owns HBO, also controls half of the CW network that's set to debut 'The Vampire Diaries' this Thursday:

Is everything now about a beautiful teen girl in love with a broody, immortal vampire?  Probably, but then, the CW may not be the TV channel for me.  Tonight, after all, is the big premiere of their new relaunch of 90s trash favourite 'Melrose Place' — but what hope can this new show have without the incredible psycho-glam of Marcia CrossNone, I say:

Now that was great TV and consider this: the show ran from 1992 to 1999, all during Bill Clinton's reign of peace, properity and blowjobs.  Coincidence?  'Melrose Place' left the air, Bush become president. 

But now the show is back so why aren't the wingnuts screaming about that?  Time Warner's massive corporate propaganda machine is filling their kids' heads with tales of adultery, vampiric murder and hot, homoerotic monster-hunters yet Barack "Rolling Over on Health Care" Obama is their big villain?

The CW should really just give up — for entertainment, silliness and insanity, their horror-movie soap-operas are outmatched by CNN.