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Who’s the biggest homophobe running for the US presidency?

First in line for that honour is Michele Bachmann. Bachmann
is, of course, a Republican, a supporter of the Tea Party movement and founder
of the House Tea Party Caucus.

She is also married to a homophobic bigot, Marcus Bachmann,
who runs “reparative therapy” clinics that attempt to turn gay people straight.

The Huffington Post
highlights the presidential hopeful’s continuing tactics to
dodge questions about her past comments on gay and lesbian issues. When
pressed to answer, Bachmann simply insists that she is running for president to
fix the economy, not to get involved with “frivolous matters.”

So that’s what our issues are? Frivolous?

Well, at least she has changed her tune. Before she decided
to leap onto the national stage she said being gay is a “sexual dysfunction.”
She also said that if same-sex marriages were allowed, parents would not be able
to protect their children: “It is our children who are the prize for this
community; they are specifically targeting our children.”

The woman is psycho. Apparently, after being asked about
same-sex marriage in a town hall debate, Bachmann excused herself and
fled to the bathroom, where two women —one a former nun — asked her some follow-up questions.

Did she answer them? No. Instead she screamed, “Help, I am
being held against my will!” before fleeing to her vehicle. She later told the
police that she was terrified because she did not know what the women were going to
do to her.

While some people have gone undercover to learn more
about Bachmann’s husband’s treatments (check out this first-person account of what happened
when John Becker checked in for some “therapy”), others have taken the guerilla
approach — doing the “Thriller” dance to Lady Gaga in front of one of his
clinics. The act was inspired by Bachmann himself when he referred to homosexuals as barbarians who need to be disciplined.


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