Toronto Diary
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Who’s Your Daddy, George?

Ontario's gay deputy premier George Smitherman dropped an embarassing bomb on mayor Miller, announcing that the province would not fund the shiny new $1.2 billion streetcars it needs to replace the increasingly unreliable clunkers that make up the city's fleet. Quote Smitherman: "My daddy taught me if you have 100 priorities, you don't have any." Hmmm… What else did this "daddy" teach you, Mr. Smitherman?

Eye Weekly tears Pride Toronto a new one over their baffling "worst of the 80s" headlining line-up. See, Pride Toronto, it's not just Xtra

And I'm certain you've seen these two handsome, naked gentlemen all over the city — in posters, flyers, and on the TTC. Yes, that's me on the right. It's an advert for my play, Balls, which opens Tuesday night at the Lower Ossington Theatre. It's an award-winning coming-of-age comedy about two best friends and testicular cancer. Fans of seeing me half-naked will be pleased to note that the show is also a fundraiser for my run in this year's Toronto Underwear Affair, in support of the fight against cancers below the waist. It toured the national Fringe circuit last year and was a big hit, particularly with Vancouver's gays. Get your tickets here now (or by phone at 416 915 6747) — before they're gone. And join the Facebook event. (Thanks go to print media sponsor, Xtra!)