Credit: Jade Zhang/Xtra
People Like Me
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Why LGBT representation in pop culture matters

Remember that moment when Korra and Asami kissed? Remember swooning to Hayley Kiyoko’s “Girls Like Girls”? Cheering for Queer Eye? Crying over Moonlight or Love, Simon?

Rare moments in pop culture allow LGBT people to see themselves fully, such as in Tangerine or Sense8, but in other moments we learn to catch glimpses of ourselves, like when Magnus and Alec fell in love on Shadowhunters or Janelle Monáe’s “Dirty Computer” emotion picture. These moments are few and far between, and sometimes we invent them: there’s a queerness to certain pop culture icons that are never fleshed out even as others live the lives we wish we could.

This is a space where pop culture becomes a mirror and delivers with it a reckoning of who we really are. This is a space for People Like Me.

People Like Me