Credit: Jade Zhang/Xtra
Love Like Mine
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Why we’re sharing queer love stories

Remember that moment you traced someone’s jaw so you could revisit the memory of their face? Remember that moment you smelled a scent that brought you back to that cold November night years ago? Remember the last time you held someone’s hand? Or the first time you let them go? Remember the time you read about two women falling in love? Or when you were relieved that the two men were still alive at the end of the movie? Remember that moment when you first realized that yes, this is my love story?

Love Like Mine is about the messy, the all-consuming and the complexities of queer love in all its forms — romantic, familial, platonic and more. It’s a celebration of queer narratives we rarely hear in the media. It’s written by queer people whose versions of love we rarely get to read and see. It’s a moment in time captured by words, preserved by emotions and shared through our platform.

It gives queer people the chance to recreate, reflect and represent the moment they sighed and said, this love is mine.

Love Like Mine