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Will there be any gays on Toronto’s Jersey Shore knockoff?

And perhaps more importantly: how awful does this show look? 

If you haven’t heard, production is underway on Lake Shore, a Toronto knockoff of MTV’s wildly popular reality show Jersey Shore. Auditions have been held and producers are looking for “eight vibrant and volatile 20-something Torontonians from different
backgrounds, cultures and sexual orientations.” Voting is open to all, and you have until Sept 3 to cast your ballot for one of the 25 finalists.

Stylist and designer Salem Moussallam is one of those finalists. Check out his audition video: 

In a 2005 fab magazine profile, Salem said he’d spoil a boyfriend “like crazy” with gifts. Awww! 
And here’s Vaughn “Vonny” Sweetland, who likes “shopping, tanning, boys and putting troll dolls in their place!"

The judges seemed to love Karolina Czaja:
No word yet on whether Lake Shore will be picked up for television (producers are “in negotiations"). If it does, will you watch?

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