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Will we see a gay couple on MuchMusic’s Love Court?

Love Court is one of the hottest shows on MuchMusic these days, it’s just too bad there aren’t more gays on it!

In each episode, a sexy young couple goes on a blind date, and they compete in challenges that typically involve stripping down to show off their toned bodies. A panel of comedian judges awards one of the daters a cash prize. 

Love Court is full of eye-candy. Gay comedian judge Andrew Johnston offers hilarious commentary.

In the series’ second episode, Ricki and Ali visited Hanlan’s Point — Toronto’s clothing-optional beach — where they had to strip down for a game of Twister.


In episode four, Kimberly gets a lap dance from John, who wears nothing but a pair of gold lamé short shorts.

Tonight’s episode is a size-queen’s wet dream: twinky Andrew is apparently packin’.

But as much as I appreciate unabashedly sexy television, I’d love to see Love Court set up two gay guys or girls for a blind date. Somewhere out there, young Canadian queers are watching this show, hoping for some same-sex lovin’. Love Court is airing its 17th episode tonight, and we haven’t seen any gay couples yet. Will Much deliver?

Love Court airs Fridays at 6pm on MuchMusic. Watch the show on demand at

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