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William and Kate urged to take a stand for gay rights ahead of royal wedding


Gay activist Peter Tatchell and a group of human-rights campaigners stood outside of Buckingham Palace waving pink Union Jack flags and a giant wedding card featuring Prince William and his soon-to-be princess “expressing their support of gay marriage.” The demonstration was part of the Equal Love campaign, which aims to overturn the ban on same-sex civil marriages and heterosexual civil partnerships in the UK.

Asked why he was protesting, Peter’s answer was simple: “Kate and William are lucky – they can get married. Gay couples can’t.”

Although William and Catherine (Kate, if you’re nasty?) would be influential supporters for gay rights, I’m not sure how much political pull the royal family has these days.

But just imagine a gay royal wedding! Er, not that a $34 million budget, $800,000 worth of flowers, 5,000 bells ringing in celebration, an estimated 5,500 UK street parties and Elton John on the guest list could be any more flaming.

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