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Winners and losers

A gay leather weekend will be held in Washington DC January 16-18, just days before Barack Obama's inauguration. The coincidence should create some interesting pairings in the hotel elevators and while a spokesperson says the president-elect won't be attending the festivities, it does make this poster from San Francisco's recent Folsom Fair seem prophetic!

Heard the latest hot housing trend?  Forget condos — you could live in a mall!  After all, it worked out so well in "Dawn of the Dead":

Sam Adams was sworn in yesterday as the new mayor of Portland, Oregon, the largest US city to have an openly gay leader. His campaign video is earnest and a bit dry but Adams comes off as smart, charming and kind of cute. One new and novel bit of the campaign, says the news story: "None of Adams' opponents raised his sexuality in the race. Neither did he."  Very cool.

Let's hope his opponent's supporters didn't react like those of "American Idol" runner-up David Archuleta — I could watch this clip all day:

Think of these children while you're out having a great weekend!