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WinterPRIDE – Mr. Gay World 2010 Charl van den Berg

Allright… girl feels like a full-piece zombie right now writing this. Long trek back from Whistler, y'all. You can catch full coverage of the festival in this week's Xtra West, which hits the streets on Wednesday. I'll post links to my article about the festival and a copy of my column which will review the WinterPRIDE evening events here to for everyone outside the paper's distribution area.

Anyway… guess who I met at WinterPRIDE this week?

I managed to interview and chat him up at the Apres Ski party on Friday at Garibaldi Lift Company in Whistler. Wish I had got to spend some more time with the guy (trust me).

You can read about his experiences as Mr. Gay World here, including some of his thoughts on WinterPRIDE.

And if you didn't check out this year's festival, maybe you should come for 2011, eh? You never know who you'll meet…

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