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WinterPRIDE pt 2

Yes, it's Whistler WinterPRIDE follow-up week here on Up Your Alley and today I have some videos for you, loyal reader…

Part of this year's off-mountain activities included adventure tours for gays and lesbians. When push came to shove and I had to choose between zip trekking and dog sledding, I chose dog sledding. It's one of those things that most Canadian boys and girls dream about. I'm happy this one of the few times I had my camera with me and remembered to take video. Videographer I am not and the production quality is low, but you'll get a taste of what it's like:

The guy riding in front of me is my new-friend-for-a-sleigh-ride, Jeff Perez, who kindly let me tag along when they over booked what was supposed to be my morning trip:
For anyone who thinks it's hard to meet queer people, large Pride festivals like WinterPRIDE make it remarkably easy to make new friends from around the world.
I also got to drive the sled. But couldn't take a video at the same time, so here's a photo, I'm on the back in the grey toque: 

I'd like to give a big thank you to the team at Outdoor Adventures Whistler. They really helped make WinterPRIDE feel like a once in a lifetime kinda experience.

As you've heard me talk about this, pretty much non-stop for two weeks, this should be the last time I'll post about the Mr. Gay World competition. I lifted this video from YouTube, here's the background:

Mr. Gay World 2009 competition happened in Whistler, Canada, February 4-8, 2009. This video was presented at the MR GAY WORLD GRAND FINALE & AWARDS show on Saturday night February 7th, before the announcement that Mr. Gay Ireland, Max Krzyzanowski was the new title winner of Mr. Gay World. For the latest news and more award winners visit the official site http://www.mrgayworld.org

This video was created by Transmission, the company working on the documentary film "Beyond Gay" http://biggaymovie.com/bgm/ with music by http://destineak.com/destineak/index….