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WinterPRIDE pt 3

You know, I feel like four days in Whistler more than deserves four days of coverage. One of my best friends/co-conspirator/future TV co-host Rob Easton was up with me during WinterPRIDE as a videographer. Granted, I think Rob's the best thing since Pyrex, but really, he's got the look…and that includes his video work:

For the record, that bastard got more behind the scenes time with the Mr Gay World delegates than I did. Goddman him…I mean, go, Rob, go!
You can check out Xtra's full coverage here.
Remember these guys?

They're Jarics…click here and here for a taste of Up Your Alley past. 

It's turns out they're in trouble again…and this time, it isn't a performance malfunction.