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Wish they all could be . . .

Lanky and ripped Adrian Long acts on a checklist of gay sex manoeuvres in California Boys. Credit: Colt studio group

California Boys, by Colt Studio Group, begins in the bedroom of Adrian Long.

Despite the 400-thread-count sheets, this lanky, longhair looks like a dirty hippy catching a nap in someone else’s bed. But after he’s joined by sultry-eyed Marc Dylan, the impression changes to that of dopey surfer with an unending erection. It’s a fine line there.

Long and Dylan get right down to it. They kiss, lick and suck but not in that order. It’s like they’re going through a checklist of gay sex options, and they really don’t miss many. Dylan is a surprisingly adept bottom — and he’s not only good at it, but loves doing it.

They get so into each other that at one point Dylan reaches across for stability and catches Long on the cheekbone with a little jab. It doesn’t stop them in the least. Instead, Long grabs Dylan’s hand and starts sucking his finger. That’s lemonade out of lemons.

The whole scene progresses until the predictable exciting conclusion. Seeing Dylan splayed across the maroon sheets, I’d say if he sold his soul for those abs, it was a good deal.

The next scene opens on Alex Andrews in a large bathtub with a black, battery-powered vibrating cockring. Is that really safe? Jessie Jordan arrives to explain the dangers of electricity and water, but it turns out he has other motives. Jordan climbs in and takes his turn with the electronic device before the action gets more personal.

Both of them give off that guy-next-door vibe but Andrews especially so. He looks like he’d shovel your driveway — and do a damn good job, too.

After some oral stimulation, Andrews casually takes out a fluorescent green dildo and gives Jordan the time of his life. They stay sitting on the edge of the bathtub as they demonstrate that, just like in basketball, there are shooters and there are dribblers.

The rest of the film continues in short scenes like these, with consistently attractive models and hot locations to show them off.

California Boys brings together some of Colt Studio Group’s hottest models for a clean, well-made film. Director Max Phillips deserves all the praise that isn’t already lauded upon the rippling abs of the cast.