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Wiz Kilo is coming 4 U

The Montreal pop singer has a new outlook on life and a video to show it off

Wiz Kilo is an artist to watch in 2014. He recently released a sexy video for “Coming 4 U" and is working on his debut album. Credit: -
Wiz Kilo’s latest video, for his single “Coming 4 U.” Wiz Kilo

Montreal songwriter Wiz Kilo is a perfect 10. The debonair artist has been writing, producing and mixing his own material for well over a decade and recently unveiled the video for his new single, “Coming 4 U,” at Montreal’s Royal Phoenix Bar.

The track is a slow burn reminiscent of Underworld and Kraftwerk, with lush layers of synths and samples the artist programmed and sequenced himself. Kilo’s voice is slick as cold butter when he’s delivering lines like “Don’t sweat it; hope always finds a way.” It’s the kind of song you play at the end of a long debauched night as you lock the doors and lower the blinds. The simple yet stylish video sees the sexy artist cooing against a backdrop of blue, yellow and pink lighting and what appears to be diamonds in the shape of Hershey’s Kisses.

The Syrian-born artist says he began his career as a boy-band member before deciding to go solo and eventually ending up in New York City, where he was approached by a major label. The self-taught musician hit a fork in the road that nearly stopped him dead in his tracks.

“It all changed when I soul searched and questioned my sexuality and my musical path, realizing that I was a gay man pretending to be something I wasn’t, so I took a break from music,” he says. “I decided to come back after figuring out who I was and what I wanted to do. I came out at age 24, so it was a hard decision to make while I was pursuing a career in pop music. And here I am, doing what I love, musically and personally, without any hiding or shame.”

Kilo says he is close to the finish line with his new full-length record. If “Coming 4 U” is any indication of the broader sound of the album, he has a hit on his hands.