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Wolverine goes gay? *SPLOOSH*

Out of all the comic-book heroes, no one will ever be as impossibly sexy as Wolverine. He’s Canadian, he’s rugged, he’s hairy, he has claws that jut out of his hands that look like they might be fun in bed . . . He’s kinda the total package.

Well, good news: Wolverine is going gay! Sorta. In the new issue of X-Treme X-Men #10, an alternate-universe Wolverine is not only openly gay, but he even has a Tom of Finland boyfriend. *SPLOOSH*

In the latest issue of Marvel’s X-Treme X-Men #10, Wolverine gets a new, muscular lover in demigod Hercules, one who urges him to wear more leather. Because that is what boyfriends do! Sadly, this Wolverine is from an alternate universe (as is that other Green Lantern, it’s kinda hard for us mere mortals here to understand), so don’t expect to see Hugh Jackman getting it on with a dude any time soon. [SOURCE]

Oh god, is it weird that I’m already thinking about what the sex is like? I feel like we need to know this. This is vital information we’re dealing with here. I bet they’re into the weird stuff. Please let them be into the weird stuff. 


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