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Women-for-women burlesque wants you!

Be a part of Ottawa's sexiest show

Open up your artistic aorta and let your creative crimsons flow.

In a culture of cynicism, wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve is not always encouraged. For women looking to do just that, the organizers of Heart-On Burlesque want to hear from you.

The fourth annual celebration of the seductive is looking for girls who gravitate towards glamorous grandstanding.

This year will feature two deliciously themed nights as opposed to one — a first for the crew. One will be a Luscious Lounge Cabaret, the other a sizzling Spicy Girly Show. Both nights will be hosted by Club SAW.

Event organizer Ms. Tushy Dee-lite, Shari to friends, says by holding two nights of performances, the event will be more accessible and the shows will be tailored to a semi-specific genre.

“The first night is kind of a sit down kind of lounge show,” says Shari. “Our second night is the more packed, kind of traditional girly show.”

As a by-women-for-women event, Shari says they’re searching for all types of ladies to perform all kinds of acts. From drag to vaudeville, from burlesque to striptease and everything theatrical that falls in between, there’s no reason to remain a wilting wallflower.

“We’re really into working with performers and developing pieces. If you are interested but don’t know exactly what to do, feel free to contact us, we love to have that,” says Shari. “It’s a lot of fun; it’s a very amateur fun night. The audience is really welcoming and everyone has a really good time and I’ve never heard of anyone who got onstage and regretted it later.”

Heart-On emcee, Anna Lingus — Zaheen to those who know her — encourages all the fine females in Ottawa to represent.

“We’re looking for diversity,” says Zaheen. “We’re looking for all types of women. The show is much more entertaining when the audience can see themselves in the performers.”

All proceeds from the show go towards the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa and the SAW Gallery.

To get involved e-mail your contact information and a quick description to by Feb 29.