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Won’t someone think of the children???

In a shocking revelation, FOX News' Sean Hannity watched the Oscars last Sunday (I thought he was straight?) and was shocked (shocked!) at the clips from "Milk" aired in an awards show honouring "Milk."  As usual, Hannity was only doing it for the kids:

Nice of GLAAD to try and inject some rationality into the discussion because it's never been the FOX gang's strong suit.  For real comedy, check out Glenn Beck's "debate" with a marijuana legalization activist:

Beck is a truly unique piece of work.  I haven't seen a tool that big since Rascal's "Excess Dildo."

But see?  I'm part of the problem!  No kid should have to see giant dildoes on the internet (unless he's the one Googling it, I suppose). Maybe their right-wing defenders have a point:

No, I was right the first time — they're idiots.  Kids need loving, stable families, regardless of the number of mommies or daddies within.  I can't believe we're still arguing this point after the "thousands of sociological research studies" that Mr. Staver here clearly hasn't read.

The only person truly looking out for the children?  Cyndi Lauper

While Mr. Milk himself, Sean Penn, has teased ex-wife Madonna about her recent boytoy flings, Cyndi was asked her opinion:

"What's your issue? You know how many old geezers do
you see with young women. What's the double standard? Who cares? You
know, they're both adults. Who cares? What's good for the goose is good
for the gander."

Thanks to the gays' True Colors diva, straight boys can live in a world where they too can have sex with Madonna.  You're welcome!