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Woodward decision delayed

Judge expected to rule tomorrow

The verdict in the case of a man charged with aggravated assault for allegedly punching a gay man at the Fountainhead Pub last year was adjourned for one day on August 10.

Shawn Woodward, 37, will learn Tuesday how Judge Jocelyn Palmer rules in his case.

Palmer announced the adjournment this morning in courtroom 101, which was full of almost 20 community members, the Dowrey family and many members of the media.

TV cameras waited for Woodward outside the courthouse.

The verdict will be heard Wednesday in a courtroom one quarter the size of 101 at 9:30am.

If Woodward is found guilty, a sentencing date is expected to be set.

Any evidence of hate motivation would be presented by the Crown at a sentencing hearing. The defence would also be given chance to rebut that evidence.