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DJ EDDIE X. Late night heartthrob Eddie X says he's eager to tap into Toronto's "cultured" musical vibe at the new warehouse party Dirrty. Credit: Xtra files

In the days of warehouse parties, you danced until you were dirty – really dirty. The kind of dirty that clung to your body, that only 10 hours passed out in the sun could clean off. A cathartic sweat that you just couldn’t get with a night in the clubs, where the scene has retreated since the frustrating days of police crackdowns on underground parties.

It’s been four years since the police chief Julian Fantino’s attack on the partiers of Toronto and now warehouse parties are almost unheard of, while club events have become so slick they come off like stage productions. Enter Toronto scene-queen David Dean, whose party Dirrty, on Sat, May 24 at The House Of Props (55 St Lawrence St) echoes the glory days, long-missed by partiers who mourn how much things have changed.

“It’s a definite return to the underground vibe we’ve been missing in all the polished clubs of the gay scene,” says Dean, a successful producer and promoter, founding member of Unified Weekend and Boost Boys, and recently the only Canadian on Instinct’s “most eligible” list. “There’s been no parties in strange and interesting places in a long time, when it’s so neat to go somewhere unique.”

A completely authentic warehouse for television and movie props, The House Of Props generates an “insane and crazy vibe.” Dean hopes partiers will feel free to go crazy in a space with fewer rules as Dirrty attempts to bring something naughty back to a night out. “I’m not expecting just a big circuit crowd,” says Dean. “Other than Fly there is no other all night party venue. I think Dirrty will appeal to a much bigger and diverse crowd.”

Dean is spotlighting names from the gay party scene with strong reputations outside the ghetto – such as DJ César Murillo, whose overlooked skills set him apart from many of his peers in the circuit, and diva hostess Rommel, who is a recognized face at clubs from Toronto to New York. Headlining Dirrty is Miami afterhours heartthrob Eddie X. “Eddie’s known for being an all night, afterhours DJ,” says Dean. “He’s got this sexy, dark sound that keeps people going.”

Eddie X has been a professional dancer, model and promoter – but his legacy as a DJ stands out among his many talents. Having spent the last five years in Miami, Eddie X’s reputation exploded with a residency at Pump After-hours. “The scene in Miami is very diverse,” says Eddie X. “There’s lots of different venues – when one gets too popular, the hardcore move on to start up somewhere else.” Enjoying Toronto for its “respect and intelligence,” Eddie X says, “The people are very cultured about music.”

After many years in the scene, trying jobs and celebrating the culture, Eddie X has learned a lesson in humility. “This career can lead you to believe things about yourself based on how people see you,” he says. “It affects how you really are.” His style is inspired by the sounds of the New York underground that he grooved to in his early days discovering the scene, but he attributes his sexy reputation to the passion of his Puerto Rican culture.

A combination of elements suggest Dirrty will be a party to talk about – as Dean sets out to leave another unforgettable mark on Toronto’s underground scene.


$15 till Fri, May 17; $20 adv.

10pm-late. Sat, May 24.

House Of Props.

55 St Lawrence St.