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Work that body

Today, we've got news for your organs!

LUNGS:  Give 'em a workout by whistling along to the strangest mash-up in a while: Beyoncé meets Andy Griffith for "Single Ladies in Mayberry."

HEART:  Anderson Cooper plays with puppies on "The Daily Show" — it's off-the-charts adorable:

KIDNEY:  A man donated one to his wife but now, as they divorce, he's demanding it back. He may be missing a kidney but he certainly has his balls!

PENIS: You'll feel better about yours after you hear the sad story of the gay man who inspired the Ken doll.

BRAIN:  Wrap your head around the notion that religious
conservatives fight against gay rights (like Mormons
funding the California marriage ban) because of their fear that our rights will lead to polygamy and violate their religious beliefs. Yet the leader of a fundamentalist Mormon sect in BC says that arresting him for polygamy is an attack on his religious freedom. Round and round we go!

EYES:  If you're feeling like some TV this weekend, Neil Patrick Harris is hosting "Saturday Night Live" and hopefully making out with Andy Samberg:

LIVER:  Has a cure for the hangover truly been found?  Oh please…oh please… 

SPLEEN:  Eight years of watching Dick Cheney ruin the planet has worn mine down to a nub but check out the look on the old bastard's face (especially at the end of the clip) as he's forced to record the US election results — applause has never sounded so sweet: