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World AIDS Day eve video launch

UPDATE 7:30 PM ET: We've posted the new video

Tonight AIDS Action Now! is hosting a pre-World AIDS Day get-together at Buddies in Bad Times in Toronto to launch its World AIDS Day advocacy video calling for an end to the federal government's denial of the right to health for Canadians living with and affected by HIV and hepatitis C.

Xtra.ca will be the first to post the video later tonight, so keep an eye on this space.

Tonight's launch will be hosted by the comedic yin/yang duo Graham and Diane (Lex Vaughn).

Xtra.ca had a chance recently to talk with Graham and Diane about tonight's show and why they've decided to take a break from comedy.

"She's just getting a pap smear."

Graham and Diane talk on their recent shows in Toronto and Montreal and why they're taking a break from comedy:

Diane discusses health issues and being a vegetarian:

Graham and Diane on fellow World AIDS eve performer Fay Slift:

Diane explains why it's important to have a substantive message:

Graham isn't on Twitter yet, but reveals he's been "twatting" for years:

Has Graham seen the AIDS Action Now video yet? He seems to think so:

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