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World leaders are such a drag

Artist has received almost a hundred death threats and had work destroyed

Georgia Buchette felt threatened by Ossie B, and the two queens had a very tense working relationship for ages, and then along came the smokey-eyed lady with killer looks, Baricka O’Bisha . . .

Pseudonymous artist Saint Hoax has a created a series called War Drags You Out, which creates digital paintings of world leaders, past and present, in drag.

Saint Hoax recently spoke to HuffPost’s Gay Voices, explaining the series and the number of death threats the artist has received. When a curator reached out about displaying the picture of “Ossie B” in Kabul, Afghanistan, Saint Hoax wisely sent a copy, which ended up getting lost and destroyed, the exhibit cancelled.

Not enough words can be said about how amazing this series is, but one thing stands out above all . . .

Obama makes one beautiful woman.