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Would you help this gay couple?

You're walking down the street at night and someone drives by in a car and yells: fucking faggot! Or maybe you're out with your boyfriend at a restuarant and everyone is staring at you because they know you're gay. Someone even goes as far to point.

It's not just in your head. This happens all the time. If it hasn't happened to you, something similar probably will at least once in your lifetime.

And if you're the person witnessing this type of homophobic abuse – whether it's taunting or physical violence – what would you do?

Would you put a stop to it? Even if that meant putting yourself directly at risk to help a stranger you don't know?

ABC is currently running a show called What Would You Do? – the whole premise is to put actors in scenarios to test what the average person would do when confronted with abusive or violent situations. My buddy C told me about this show over a pitch and put game this past weekend. I can't stop watching it.



The following episode particularly speaks to queers, so take the time to watch it:

I was surprised by how the unsuspecting customers responded. Especially the blonde lady (who actually got me a little emotional – especially outside the bar)
For additional episodes on different topics, check the full site at
This one on hate crimes also speaks to recent beatings in Vancouver. Remember: If you see anyone – gay straight or otherwise- getting harrassed, call 911 and if you're afraid to stop them yourself, enlist the help of the people around you.