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Writer Greg Rucka’s queer comic cast

In addition to Batwoman, Greg Rucka writes a number of queer characters in the world of comics warmly received by comic fans of all sorts. “People talk about having an agenda,” says Rucka. “I do, you know. I also have an ethnically diverse agenda and I’ve got a religiously diverse agenda. To me it’s all about the characters, these are all different elements of people.” Rucka’s agenda stays true through his entire body of work, which includes a lengthy run on Batman and a best-selling series of action/thriller novels.

Rucka’s other queer comic cast includes:

Renee Montoya. Former police detective turned novice super-sleuth originally created by the producers of Batman: The Animated Series. Featured in: Gotham Central, 52, The Crime Bible.

“Renee’s a horndog,” says Rucka. “Her fatal flaw is that she likes the girls a lot. That is a character flaw with her, she doesn’t always think with her head.”

Tommy Jaeger. Son of martial-arts hero Judomaster, Tommy is an agent of spooky, clandestine organization Checkmate. Featured in: Checkmate.

Nick Poole. Former soldier in the British Special Air Service (SAS), now fledgling minder in the hardboiled espionage thriller Queen and Country.

“That story-arc where he is introduced sort of hinges on the fact that his sexuality has become a liability for him, where he is in the SAS, and then his place as one of the minders is absolutely not. Which I guess is another one of these things that I subconsciously keep exploring &mdsah; where we can fit, where we can serve.”