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Wuvable Oaf finds new home

Although he’s still looking for love, Ed Luce’s comic book character, Wuvable Oaf, has found a new home at Fantagraphics. 

The Comics Reporter website posted today that Luce’s comic book will be collected in one graphic novel to be published in March 2015.

Luce, who is in Toronto this weekend for the Toronto Comics Art Festival, mentioned in a press release his admiration for Fantagraphics’ catalogue. “The first indie comics I ever bought were published by Fantagraphics, including Love and Rockets, Eightball and Usagi Yojimbo. Much of Wuvable Oaf’s DNA was directly influenced by Fantagraphics publications. In putting this collection together, it’s like they’ve stepped forward to claim paternity. I couldn’t be more excited to find myself in the company of such wonderful work.” 

Kudos to Luce, and hooray for more Oaf-ishness!