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X-Rated Angel

Do you remember when I posted about Peter Breeze's new music video and single earlier this month? Well it's here, bitches! Watch it and weep:

I am soooo mad I missed the big debut at 1181 Tight Lounge on Saturday. I had a super weird video interview with Margaret Cho instead, which should surface here on Xtra in September. I'll write more about that in my Cocked & Loaded column next Wednesday.
Back to Breeze: you know the feeling you get when you nail something and nail it good? I imagine it feels something comparable to this. No seriously, the opening scene in the "X-Rated Angel" video around the table… that is fucking gorgeous. The song fits the video, the video fits the song. Both are fun and unexpectedly more layered and complex than a first listen or watch would hint at. I'm a huge fan of Rami Films too. Call me!
So excited that edge and cool and new is coming to us live from Vancouver. Peter Breeze, I salute you: