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Xavier Dolan’s film premieres across Canada

Why Dolan leaves gay behind with Mommy

Xavier Dolan on the red carpet for the premiere of Mommy.

In the above interview, Canadian filmmaker Xavier Dolan discusses his departure from LGBT content with his latest hit, Mommy. The festival favourite opens in Toronto Oct 3, Vancouver on Oct 17, and Calgary and Edmonton on Oct 24. It will screen in select cities throughout the fall.

At 25 years old, Dolan is already an accomplished filmmaker. He first won over festivals with I Killed My Mother back in 2009, then made three more notable films before coming back to the mother figure with Mommy. This is his first feature without LGBT content, but Dolan delves deep into the human condition, portraying a partying mother struggling to take care of her emotionally and mentally unstable son. It won this year’s Cannes Jury Prize and is Canada’s entry for a Foreign-Language Oscar nomination.