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Xena, gay nuclear science and when you’re going to break up

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How likely is it that you will break up?

At the Washington Post, sociologist Michael Rosenfeld looks at the likelihood that couples will break up over time. Interestingly, while same-sex couples are more likely to break up in the first few years of a relationship, after five to 10 years they become more secure than their straight counterparts.

Xena reboot to be super gay

The executive producer behind a reboot of Xena: Warrior Princess, says that this time the main character will be openly, unambiguously gay. The original ’90s series was full of lesbian subtext, but not much lesbian text.

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Gay scientists targeted at CERN

A gay scientist group at the European Centre for Nuclear Research, CERN, say they have been targeted with homophobic graffiti and defaced posters. CERN is home to the Large Hadron Collider, which made news recently for a groundbreaking discovery of a new particle.

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Ukrainian LGBT festival cancelled due to violence

Hundreds of rock-throwing right wing protesters shut down an LGBT equality festival in the Ukrainian city of Lviv. Police and city officials refused to endorse or protect the festival, and local venues pulled out after discovering the event was gay-themed. Organizers say, however, that the controversy has had a positive side by showing the unreponsiveness of officials.

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Hindu nationalist official hints at movement on gay rights

A leader in an influential Indian Hindu nationalist group made waves in the country’s LGBT community by saying that homosexuality should not be a crime. Hindu nationalist parties have been the strongest opponents of gay rights in India. Dattatreya Hosabale later clarified that he still thinks being gay is a psychological disorder, but LGBT groups still see the development as encouraging.

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