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Xposed #788

This week, Anna visits Fly and Buddies for NYE bashes

Just look at this beautiful snap of Ms Mandy Goodhandy on her birthday. I have no idea how young she is now, but this is some truth: Mandy has looked the same since I’ve known her, which is long enough to wonder what her regime entails. She also has this lovely way about her that’s a healthy mix of madam and sweetheart that I so adore. I always feel welcome when Mandy is around; it’s hard not to love her. Even if you’re a cunt, you still can’t help yourself.

Cassandra Moore was the hostess with the mostest for Buddies’ New Year’s Eve celebration. The evening was superhero-themed and featured both rooms, aerial performances, good music and — shocker — drag queens. In this photo, she’s got a real Kylie Jenner thing going on that I love. I love it most ’cause she has only enhanced her lips for the evening rather than getting on that bee-stung permanent trend like the teenaged Jenner herself. 

Truth be told, Patricia, the longstanding bar manager and staple at Buddies, wasn’t enthused about having her photo taken, but I love her so. She’s the literal embodiment of everything I see disappearing from the community that I miss so, so much: the punk rock, the hardcore, the zero fucks given. Patricia, my love, you’re only in here ’cause you’re so badass you deserve some Xtra worship.

What I like about Sapphire Titha Reign at Buddies is her amazing blowjob face. That pretty much sums up the whole thing for me. Blow. Job. Face.

Shane was doing a great job as an aerialist performer at Buddies. He’s also pretty dreamy to look at with his shirt off. Love that super-butch eagle tattoo. Off the friggin’ chain.

Move over, Mauro brothers: there’s a new set of twins in town. Colin and Stewart of #twinspiel are stepping it up with their fresh-faced college-boy looks and 1,000-watt smiles. They are so matchy-matchy that I’m sure even their close friends have a hard time telling them apart. There’s probably a porn fantasy joke in here somewhere, but I’ll leave it to you to dream that one up for yourself.

As usual, it was harder than a 14-year-old cock to get a decent clear picture at Fly due to the smoke machines. However, Ariel Envious and Than deserved a snap. Not just because they look good, which they do, but because I didn’t know her. And when there is a new queen on the scene, I like to follow her around, enthralled with that new queen smell.

Ryan was one of Sofonda’s four pony boys who galloped into Fly carrying Miss Thing on a giant snow-globe carriage. She knows how to pick them, too. I can’t remember ever seeing a rachet boy in Sofonda’s entourage. Now that I think of it, they’re also short-lived, like fresh flowers: they’re all so beautiful while they last. 

Sofonda performed at Fly like the diva lovely that she is. With all these new alterna-queens on the come-up, I’ve wondered what the fate of Sofonda’s reign will be, but seeing her on New Year’s as the pièce de résistance has resealed her (as so many of her performances always do) as the true, one and only queen of Toronto. She really is our city’s bae.

Rachel is straight, and we’re not holding it against her. In fact, there’s just something about this beautiful straight girl in the very middle of the meat grinder that is Fly’s dancefloor, eyes closed, holding a solid dance groove and loving every second of it. The occasional beautiful breeder in the midst of a sweaty room of ’mos is kinda sweet sometimes, no?