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Xposed: Issue #782

This week Anna and Becca party with politicians and Journalists for Human Rights

There were lots of hot peeps at Bobby Beckett’s fundraising party at the Gladstone. The political buzz is upon us now in the city as we head into a municipal election that is shrouded in all kinds of the same bullshit we normally go through. Ward 18 encompasses a lot of growing neighbourhoods, like Bloordale/Bloorcourt and Brockton down to West Queen West, so it makes sense that we would have a Queer West candidate, right? Well, this one will be interesting for sure, since it’s also Little Portugal as well as many other old-school immigrant neighbourhoods, too. The new and old Toronto will battle it out in the polls on Oct27. Also, Maha (on Bobby’s left) looks good in his suit.

In another stop on the “I’d totally hit it tour” at Bobby Beckett’s fundraising party, here’s Laura Desiree looking like a cool mil at the Gladstone. I wonder what the crowd at the incumbent’s fundraiser looked like? My imagination tells me Zara suits and Payless shoes, but that’s what I think of every breeder function.

Andrew and Adam are also totally doable at Bobby Beckett’s fundraiser. I’m not entirely sure, but I think my friend (who was sober, I promise) might have kinda tapped Andrew’s friend’s (or it could have been his mom’s) car one night driving me home from my mom’s wedding. Hard to tell: I was so drunk on Veuve, who really knows, but he looks like that guy at least. Adam has some seriously bomb style; a defo impress for the fam jam and frenemies alike.

Marleine and Doreen sandwich please!

I love this event! It’s a fundraiser for Journalists for Human Rights (JHR), whose intention is to put the spotlight on human rights and help educate the world about something that could possibly unite us instead of just reruns of the Kardashians and McDonald’s drive-through. From left to right, Xtra arts editor and sometimes DJ Phil; Danny, the new executive director of JHR; and their friends Robin and Kallan.

Becca got an incredible round of photos of Martina from Dragonette performing at the Journalists for Human Rights gala. I’ve known this girl since we were children playing on Parliament Hill together in the 1980s. She’s such a beauty inside and out.

Linda in this badass pink blazer was the auctioneer for the silent auction at the Journalists for Human Rights gala. Every dollar raised went to journalism training in Africa, the Middle East and Northern Ontario (yes, Northern Ontario is a hotbed of human rights issues). The goal is to keep these issues in the headlines long after the dinner and dancing are over.

I love Karim here. For a stuffy fundraiser, they sure got out some decently dressed people. I was really surprised; maybe Toronto is changing into something more fashionable and eccentric. Look at Karim’s shirt. The longer you look, the more it morphs into one of those trippy lava-lamp ’70s psychedelic mushroom posters. And somehow he is pulling that off hard!

This woman’s name is Fox. I’d say that is some pretty apt naming on the part of her parents.

From local politics to federal, where the real stakes are, and this year (January 2015) we will take to the polls to see if Harper will get that minority or if this gorgeous legend will run our country with the same kind of charisma and smarts as his father did. The Trudeaus really are Canada’s answer to the Kennedys. I bet even the butchiest lez wants to hit this. 

All photos by Becca Lemire.