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Xposed: Nov 10, 2014

Anna and Becca do Fashion Week, Northbound Leather and more

Becca got a great snap of Stacey McKenzie strutting her way into the tents at Toronto Fashion Week (I’m not calling it whatever stupid name it has this year). She is such a dream to photograph, really. I know she’s a model and all, but for real, she knows how to have her picture taken, even on the fly, which is a lot more than I can say for Kendall Jenner. What a treat it is running into this stunner.

Karats and Chantal pose outside the tents for Fashion Week as well. Chantal is one hilarious woman who never misses a show. She’s a mom and a fashion blogger, and she has the most fabulous nails you’ve ever seen. Look out for her at any hot event; she’s usually got a babe on her arm.

I don’t know if Alexi and Taylor are models or boyfriends or just really hot guys who like to wear matching grey shirts. I’m not entirely sure of the backstory, but if I had to put my money on one piece of info about them it would be this: neither one of these two has any trouble finding a willing participant to sit on their faces.

Fashion Week in Toronto has only a few players on the field, and most of them are in this picture taken at the wrap party at the Thompson Hotel. From left to right: Mel, Dwayne, Toronto treasure Robin Kay and Brian.

Of course, the theme this year was Scandal for the Northbound Leather fashion and fetish extravaganza. It’s sort of an easy target for them but so obvious I can’t believe it hasn’t been done, which also makes it genius! But the real burning question is how did Alex and Brennen somehow manage to look preppy in these matching harnesses? I love that coming-of-age era in a man’s life. Keggers and leather, mmmhhhmmmm.

Dahlia’s big black cock is mesmerizing. She has so much going on in this gorgeous outfit, and yet that cock still takes centre stage. It’s people like Dahlia that make me so excited to go to Northbound. I get so used to the rubber and the flesh that I start wondering about the details instead, like, how come her gloves are grey? But that cock, though.

There’s always a few fun and flirty ladies at Northbound; Heather and Silver take the cake on that whole scene this year. The mustache on Heather totally stole my heart, and I love that Silver is mindful of what can and cannot be printed by keeping the nips hidden. A woman who knows how to get her pic in the paper is always a friend of mine. These two are so cute, they make me want to pillow fight them in fits of bare-breasted giggles.

Jeremy’s outfit is one part Mr Potato Head, one part Nicki Minaj and three parts Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation. This thing is off the chain. Can you imagine how hot it is in there? Can you imagine the sheer jubilation at removing this outfit and sucking in a cool, crisp breath of air? My nipples are getting hard just thinking about it.

Finally, the pièce de résistance: Nancy Drew and her badass paddle. I’d let her flog me any day.