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Xposed Ottawa

Danniel Oickle album launch and Fast Romantics

Oickle enjoys some downtime before his performance. Credit: Zara Ansar

Danniel Oickle album launch

On Dec 12, Mercury Lounge hosted the launch of Danniel Oickle’s sophomore album, Blitzkrieg!

1. Oickle enjoys some downtime before his performance.

2. Emmanuel J Simón prepares for the show.

’90s or Bust party, with Wannabe Spice Girls

On Dec 20, Sporty, Ginger, Baby, Scary and Posh rolled in on their tour bus to perform for a packed house of mostly rowdy women and a few men. The girls spiced up everyone’s night with their singing and dancing.

3. Clockwise from left: Catharine Merriam, Janee Olivia, Anika Johnson, Suzy Wilde and Barbara Johnston chill out before the second half of their show.

4. Ryan Mason poses in his trendy threads.

Fast Romantics at the Blacksheep Inn

The Fast Romantics recently released their second album, Afterlife Blues, and played their first Ottawa-area show, at the Blacksheep Inn in Wakefield.

5. From left, Jeffrey Lewis, Shane O’Keeffe, Alan Reain, Matthew Angus and Lauren Heron in the greenroom after the show.

Red Handed

Cyclelogik held its sixth annual Christmas art show, in which more than 40 artists worked with the colour red.

6. Justy Lisa Dennis and her amazing hat.

7. Jaime Mcleod, left, and Andrea Stokes share a moment at the photo booth.