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Xposed Ottawa

613 Casual Choir launch and Snowblower 2014

Daniel and Carlynne Kobewka enjoy a pint and the singing. Credit: Zara Ansar

613 Casual Choir Launch

On Feb 3, Andrea Stokes and Pam Kapoor launched 613 Casual Choir at the Clocktower Brew Pub in Westboro. Hundreds paid $2 each for a song sheet and belted out Rihanna’s “Umbrella.” The choir meets every two weeks and all are welcome.  

Fall Down Gallery Relocation Party

The team at Fall Down Gallery relocated around the corner, then hosted a grand opening party on Feb 21, with art by Azdead and Arpi and music by DJ Iggy Smalls.

Snowblower 2014

On Feb 16, the Snowblower festival hosted an afternoon of family-focused activities and events by and for queer people, families and communities at Arts Court.