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Xposed Toronto

This week, Anna and Becca visit Boylesque, Dinner and a Drag Race

Pageboy haircut, faux-fur coat, lace body suit: Kayla over here is extremely on point at the first anniversary for Regretro at the Henhouse. Jiz-worthy. Credit: Becca Lemire

(See the corresponding photos in the slideshow above.)

1• Johnnie Walker and Sexy Mark Brown are just two of the fantastic performers from Boylympics, the Boylesque TO semi-fundraiser and tongue-in-cheek fun-activism at Lee’s Palace. Two dollars from every ticket went to Egale. Also, it was hella fun.

2• Shall we take a little tour of Imogen Quest’s Boylesque outfit here? Hot 1950s-era hair and bandana (and “We Can Do It” stance), red-on-red-on-red shirt and shorts. But it’s all about taking this outfit from the streets of Pride in summer to the dead-of-winter dancefloor at Lee’s by adding the zebra-print tights that makes this one a winner.

3• From left to right: Obskyra’s intense and incredible earrings, Percy’s low-hanging crystal on a chain and finally, Suki Tsunami’s incredible frames, jacket and name. Like hello, just say that out loud: “Suki. Tsunami.” This is the first time in the history of this column that I’ve wanted to perform cunnilingus on someone’s name.

4• Look at the sweaters and jackets on these three strapping men. No really, take a moment to appreciate this modern Bret Easton Ellis moment in time right here. Jeremy’s is my favourite, but it’s nothing without Darren and Justin as a companion set.

5• Can I just give thanks to Becca for these incredible pics of regular people I’d actually fuck? It’s the first time we went to Drag Race and saw such a Gap-ad-worthy swath of do-able normies. First I couldn’t figure out which of the boys I’d hit, and now I’m stuck in the same conundrum with (from left) Megan, Emma and Alex; although, I gotta say, Alex’s glasses-and-fringe combo is inching to the front.

6• Check out Skevvy here on the left, rocking her Team Canada pride in that scarf while she also expresses her queer Boylympics pride at Lee’s Palace. Cheeky lady. I’m also really digging on Laura’s eyebrow/hair colour match. Hard to get deep-blue-sea mermaid down without looking too queenie. She nailed it.

7• I’ve been looking at this picture of (from left) RoyVincent and Daniel for a solid five minutes now, and I still can’t figure out who I’d like to bang more. Looking at them is like standing at a buffet on an Oprah diet. How much is too much? Can I calorically afford a bit of all three? Really, with a bar lineup like this at Drag Race, who’s watching the show?