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Xposed Toronto

Party people at the Fader Party in two parts

Credit: Becca Lemire

1 It was recently TIFF, which, let’s be honest, is getting a little Pride early-2000s with the brand grabs and the ridiculous parties. We turned down 95 percent of what came through the door because of exactly that, but the Vitaminwater party with Fader magazine, hidden away in the CBC building, was kinda dope. Here are Alejandro and Jesse posing with Popchips (the chips you get for free at parties but no one has ever bought — ever).

2 Ooh, have I got a thing for Ingrid on the far right. Look at those cheekbones and the eyes on that one. Needs to be in a magazine, stat. With Ingrid are friends Julia (middle) and Elyse (left), also at the Vitaminwater/Fader party. Boi-1da DJed alongside Potty Mouth, and Dragonette performed. Chromeo was held up in NYC by flight delays (quelle surprise) but made it to the after-jam at Wrongbar later.

3 Kirk Pickersgill, from Greta Constantine, got his groove on at the Vitaminwater jam. In the words of Becca Lemire (my cohort behind the camera), “Every sexy person and their sexy mother was at this party. So hip it hurted.” You heard it here first, people.

4 Restless PR did a three-part party at the end of TIFF, like a sort of sanctuary, and the morning yoga sessions were filled with some sexy early risers. Craig (the partier formerly known as CPB) was in full effect for kombucha and yoga at Loft 404.

5 Max was taking photos for Restless; Kate was attending the event. Max is cute and all, that’s obvious, but come on: Kate’s outfit is killing it! Sweatshirt with high-waisted jean skirt and full cast to the elbow — and red lipstick. 

6 On the right is my little brother, Evan. He’s wearing his new fave outfit, entitled “Just out the Don.” It’s a grey-on-grey tee and 1980s sweatpant ensemble that he wears in public without shame. On the left is Jamilah, one of the best yoga teachers in the city, who was teaching at the Restless sanctuary for Full Power Yoga that morning. 

7 For part of the second act of the day, Restless and Discosalt had a showcase that included a lot of acts, like Bella Akira, starring these two fine gentlemen: Zion and Joseph. It’s all about the shoulders on Joseph’s jacket and the kneepads on Zion. Like, whoa — babe city here.