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Xposed Toronto

We visit Nude 52 & Kill Joy’s Kastle

Credit: Becca Lemire

(Follow along with the photos above)

1 So much is happening in this picture. First off, there’s a superhero in the middle that looks like a cellphone-ad superhero guy. His name is David, and he’s flanked by JJ to the left and Mike to the right, drinking suspicious blue drinks. Also, there is a huge age gap here. I think they are part of a boy-band revival project and David is their hype man. Clearly, that’s what’s going on here.

2 I don’t even know what’s going on in this picture, like why Sevvy Skellington is half naked on a stage at Nude 52, but here’s what I do know: Sevvy is being really babelicious with those Super nipple pasties and her fist in the sky like the original Man of Steel. She is happy and proud and providing a feast for our eyes. I like this young lady and her style a lot. She can stay.

3 It’s not often that you see a full-figured superhero nailing it! If I’ve ever seen it, it’s been in sloppy Halloween costumes that were not very polished and dress size was an afterthought. Miss Eva kills it in the sex department, onstage for Nude 52, a superhero-themed burlesque performance event put on by Underground Peepshow.

4 “Deep Lez” is the slogan that really got me at Kill Joy’s Kastle on Lansdowne. Not since Will Munro have I seen something so in-your-face, both hysterically political and hysterically funny at the same time. The haunted house filled with lesbian-feminist rhetoric was incredible start to finish, and here’s some scary-ass period zombies to illustrate that.

5 The Dank Cave Pussy Dweller was also stellar. Of course she’d have two long fingers for getting dank with as many caves as possible. There’s been a lot of name calling online about how this haunted house didn’t include enough POC, so I have chosen pictures of the whitest participants on purpose. Because I’m an asshole like that. And also, that accusation is ridiculous, just flat out. There was nothing racially divided or segregated about this haunted house. I even went with a straight man as my date, and he was fine with it . . . even with the ball busters and man-hating jokes. Lez-be-honest here and just admit — that shit was so so good!

6Here’s a white brain eater, crying, of course, because her pussy has more rights than she does. Boo hoo.

7 Allyson Mitchell is wearing an incredibly beautiful knit balaclava that mimics the shape of the owl on her knitted shirt — 10 points on fashion choice right there. But, if you take your attention to the background, you’ll notice that she’s surrounded by Octopussies, too. Allyson is the brains behind this art installation, it should be noted. Once again, lesbians are having the last laugh, except this time we were all invited along for the ride.

8 Andrew Harwood, the absolute queen of craft drag, is both white and male, so a double devil. His sparkle beard and hair-scrunchy armband are really quite lovely. I also like that he’s posing in my mom’s yoga zip-up under the “Lesbians Rule” entrance. Long live lesbian feminist killjoys!