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Xposed Toronto

This edition of Xposed, Anna and Becca cover Halloween at Hotnuts & Parts and Labour

Angela and Michael aka Spring Breakers aka Riff Raff Credit: Becca Lemire

1> Angela and Michael killed the Spring Breakers costume. I saw this on a few different people, but the role reversal on these two made all the difference. I died laughing when I first saw this.

2> John and Yoko is a classic costume, but what about if you and your boyfriend go as the notorious breeder-couple? Brian (as Yoko) and Colin (as John) absolutely destroyed this costume at Hot Nuts.

3> What is going on here with David, Hank and Ree? Notice that David and Ree are bound in gold chains from neck to wrists that are vaguely bondage, and David has a beautiful skull cod-piece here. I hope he also holds the reins on those chains, cause that is some seriously smoking hot ish.

4> Hot Nuts regulars Ian, John and Regina were out in fine form. Vaguely Bowie, touch of goth, all love all the time. The Halloween Hot Nuts is rife with Best End craft-drag. It’s everything, all at once. Incroyable.

5> I have no idea what John and Scott are, but the black and white theme turned out very regal. I like the stripes on John’s face and the full suit and jacket on Scott is a nice compliment to that fascinator and Twiggy-inspired earrings. As usual, it’s the details that really make this outfit-check the fishnet hand stockings to boot.

6> This Lobster Gang was just hanging outside of Hot Nuts looking like a hooded Kiss-come-hooded-PVC-suit gang of magic. I like the Smurf in the background and the cross-eyed club kid on the left really is the cherry on this random cake no?

7> Mikki and Gaudiate are not matching, but for some reason, I think they are a pair. Mikki’s makeup is amazing, so ethereal and feminine juxtaposed against those very manly arms, it’s quite the delicious treat for the eyes. I love how Gaudiate is almost hiding behind him in this photo too, wearing caution tape and PJs like a slab of beef cake. Loves it.

8> Sven is Margaret Thatcher, but you know what he kinda looks like to me? Margaret Thatcher as imagined by Pierre Elliott Trudeau-that wig! Kyle is a beautiful Spanish lady of the dance. Together they make a really rickin dance partnership.

9> Vanessa’s costume is so outrageous it’s incredible. I have no idea if that’s a bald cap even, that’s how true to form it is. This is by far the ballsiest female costume I saw all Halloween. In a sea of boring sluts, Vanessa (in those chunky heels no less) stood out like a hero.

10> Maybe it’s a jerk-move, but I couldn’t help but include my costume for Halloween here. On the left is me as Hulk Hogan, next to me is Ola as the Macho Man Randy Savage and on the right is Kate as Bret Hart. These costumes were endless fun on the dancefloor I never twerked, crumped and body slammed more in my life.