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Xposed Toronto

WAYLA & Wrongbar

1 Now this is something new, something almost unheard of . . . a photo of Shane Percy outside the DJ booth! Have you ever seen anything like it in the pages of Xtra? How dare he have a good time without providing the rest of us with a good time? My word. Also, his smiling pal is Patrice.

2 There’s a lot of smiling in this picture (well, on Mike and Chris). Connor is clearly having a horrible time flanked by a wall of booze at WAYLA. Poor guy — tough life.

3 There is something so eternally Canadian about plaid shirts. I know they’re “in” and everything for men these days and clearly Arthur and Harrison got the memo, but c’mon: we’re always gonna be rocking the plaid ish, eh? And rock it these two did at Pop Machine, the successful monthly at WAYLA. 

4 The Anthrax shirt is a first in this column. I love metal, but you just don’t see it repped enough in the community. Thank you to Steve for bringing the noise. Pictured with Steve are Tino (left) and Jeff (far right) and, of course, the always dark-siding Jenna Syde at Wrongbar, for Mighty Real. 

5 A lot is going on in this picture. Michael is dashing in a set of handsome good looks that only youth can unfurl on a room, Saeed (far right) has on some lovely Jasmine (of Aladdin fame) kohl liner that really makes his eyes pop, and Bambi is so gorgeously on point it’s almost impossible to look away. Like a neon car crash that barfs up its mangled guts of glamour all over the side of the dancefloor’s highway to oblivion. Perfection.

6 In what fucking universe does Regina get those gams and I get these pudgy little pork knuckles that I waddle around on? A cruel one, that’s what. Seriously, though, Regina’s looking like the Milky Way of booty shorts here at Wrongbar. Damn, girl, you gonna stop traffic with them legs!

7 I’ve known Tynomi since she was just a baby dragette. And look at Miss Thing now. Zoowee. Dead ringer for Solange Knowles in this amazing pic against the always classy and ever-present red-velvet wallpaper at Wrongbar.

8 I wanna start this comment off by saying that Steven is not hideously ugly; in fact, he’s quite fetching. The only reason it’s his back and not his face in this column is because the punch line was far more fetching. The front of that lovely tee says, “Bottoms Like Me.” Well said, Steven, well said.