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Xposed Toronto

This edition of Xposed, Anna and Becca cover The Trans Day of Remembrance vigil and Bambi’s Karaoke night

Barb and Ashley Credit: Becca Lemire

1> The Trans Day of Remembrance vigil was well attended at The 519. There was a diverse array of support from all over the community. And even though the ceremony was bittersweet, there were lots of smiles to be had, like on these two lovelies, Barb and Ashley.

2> I love craft-drag. We do that a lot in this community; breeders seem to leave the cut-and-paste and glitter at prom, but we take that shit right through life. Check out Poe, Morgan and Jacub in front of a gloriously metallic (and ultra shiny) Trans Day sign.

3> I’m such a sucker for the 1LoveTO shirts. As soon as I saw Chase’s I thought, “Yeah, that’s defo going in the column.” Pictured with Chase and that lovely shirt is Joy and her joyous smile.

4> Suga Kaine and Julissa make the perfect photo compilation. The purple from Suga’s hair complements Julissa’s dress (and eyebrows) to a tee. In fact, I feel this resurgence of purple lately in all things (read: leather); there’s a definite 1990s fly-girl vibe about purple that’s on the cusp of a real comeback. And these two might just be the first to really usher it in.

5> What I love about this whole Kreayshawn crew is that I have no idea if they’re gay or straight, gangsters or suburban kids who like to wear vintage, but I love everything about their vibe. I like that they all look like the bitchy beaters I equally feared and admired in the early 1990s of my youth. You know the ones, with the half ponytails, red leggings, purple-suede high-top shoes and sour looks on their faces? A lot of them ended up having little rainbow families and getting hella big but keeping their beater ways in check. In my fantasies, Lil Debie is the lesbo version of that. Bring it.

6> I know I’ve been calling it Barbie’s for a while, and Mikey (the owner) is not okay with that, so I’ll cool it on the Barbie references this time around. Bambi’s has the best karaoke night in town. It’s not queer, but it’s queer-friendly, ’cause it’s the best end and we don’t slice and dice people down like that. If you like to sing, come. If you’re a total freak, even better. Also, Colin Berg does the best Frank Ocean cover of all time at this night. No clue what Cody and Mitchell sing, but I’m feeling their look one-hundy percent.

7> The thing about the 1990s resurgence is that it’s coming back a lot better than it was the first time around. Take Derek and Nancy here; the plaid fits better, first off. There was just as much plaid in 1990, but none of it fit anyone. Nancy is rocking a lovely pseudo GnR vibe, sorta late 1980s/early 1990s but not so over-the-top.