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Xposed Toronto

In this edition of Xposed, Anna and Becca cover The Steady and Club120

Colin & Evan at The Steady Credit: Becca Lemire

The Steady is the new Holy Oak, which was the new Henhouse, and everyone knows that shit was the new Beaver. There are a lot of good queer dance parties that float around town, but the Steady is really starting to make a name for itself with the Scissors-CrushTO-HotNuts crowd. It’s Will Munro’s legacy that so many awesome queer nights have come to sweaty little friendly bars all over town, ’cause some of us want our crowd mixed the fuck down. And it turns out that all the hot, fresh faces can be found at Blood, Sweat and Queers, like, uh, hello Colin and Evan here. Like . . . whoa.

This one New Year’s, I got really drunk and high and then spent an hour gushing to Fawn and Azuree about how they are the most amazing couple on the planet and I will never live up to their awesomeness. Ever. I will never forget that embarrassing night, but luckily both Fawn and Azuree have been able to see beyond it (’cause they’re the most awesome pair en planet) and remain my friends. Fawn was on the ones and twos at Blood, Sweat and Queers, while her posse of fans, Melissa and Eric backed her up. Notice Eric’s sweater’s cleaver throw-back to Home Alone.

Sometimes Becca delivers these incredible photos to me that seem plucked from the very heavens from which these three clearly descended. Kayla’s babe level is off the charts in that velvet and mesh bat-print top, and Inez’s hair and cropped-top combo are on point. But in the middle, oh the middle, my friends, is where the creamy centre of this impressive triumvirate lies, with our very own Landon dressed as something out of my very own twisted dreams.

Leeland is a famous superhero of the Japanime sort; I just don’t know which one. But I am all for the child-sized costume, cut then reapplied with boy undies and some garters. I call that imagination of the filthy kind, and I dig it. Oh, I dig it so.

Looky looky, it’s Todd, part owner of Club120, in his ginch. I never would have thunk it. Kidding! With a bod like that, why doesn’t he walk around naked all the time? Flanking Todd on either side are two equally juicy morsels, Marc on the left and Julian on the right. But for serious, the costumes are for CrustTO’s I’d Tap That party, the Roller Derby edition. Loves it.

Is there some ungodly and unkind reason why I am not hanging out regularly with Boy Pussy? Where did this gem come from and why are we not neighbours/besties/frenimies? Have you ever seen anything so gorgeous? I can’t look away; he’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a photo for Xtra. Fragile and butch and lithe and somehow both handsome and pretty in one glance. Incroyable.