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Xtacy Love

Our Q&A with the winner of Crews & Tangos' Next Drag Superstar

Xtacy Love, the winner of Crews & Tangos' 2013 Drag Race competition. Credit: Krys Cee
Xtra chats with winner Xtacy Love, fresh off the stage from Crews & Tangos' Next Drag Superstar contest, about the competition, her breathtaking finale and where to get good grub in Brantford. 
Xtra: First of all, congratulations!
Xtacy Love: Thank you, thank you. Sorry, I haven’t really slept yet. It’s been crazy. I live in Brantford. I drove home and only started processing what happened. I’ve had maybe a couple of hours of sleep, but I’m not tired yet.
Did you expect to win at all?
I think everyone that entered hoped to win, but I tried my best and wanted to grow. I’m still stunned.
Your final performance was amazing and clearly emotional. What was your inspiration for it? 
Thank you! It was a really . . . hard performance to do, only because it was about domestic abuse that I experienced growing up. I dedicated it to my mom, because it was literally what I saw going on. The people that approached me afterwards — it’s sad that so many people are touched by something so horrible because they’ve experienced it themselves. I wanted to make people think and feel something.
It was beautiful to watch, and you’re blowing up online.
Thank you. Sorry, my inbox is out of control; I’m trying to reply to everyone! 
How gruelling was the competition?
It was a two-month competition, eight weeks. It’s not for the faint of heart, let me tell you. It was a great experience. I learned a lot about myself and made a lot of sisters. I named us the Haus of Drag Race Sisters. It was intense, and I don’t think a lot of people necessarily realize how much work it is. The one costume I made last night was eight hours of gluing on stones — not to mention choreography and styling. It was definitely a hard experience, but it made me grow, and I would never change it. 
What’s next for Xtacy Love, now that you’ve been officially crowned? 
I’ll start work at Crews & Tangos, which I’m really excited about, and I’ll get to take the stage with some amazing queens and some kings. I’m in talks with doing a production at Buddies. I’m going to be opening up for the Hashtag event with Nina Flowers that’s coming up. I’m going to start performing at Woody’s, and next month I’ll be at Fly nightclub with Devine and Sapphire. 
That’s a lot!
It’s been so crazy! It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet!
Thanks, Xtacy, and congrats again! Have a great day. Get some food at Angel’s!
Have you been? Angel’s is SO good! The breakfast is amazing.