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Xtina made a whoopsie at Etta James’s funeral

So the great Etta James was laid to rest over the weekend, and of course they brought in Christina Aguilera to perform one of James’s songs because, say what you will, Aguilera’s a helluva singer. Simple, right? Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Except when everything did.

First off, I know Christina fucking loves to do, like, a bajillion vocal runs whenever she performs any song just to remind us she can. I get it. It’s part of her appeal. She probably couldn’t sing the NBC chime without turning it into an arm-flailing seven-minute vocal exercise. That being said, a funeral might not be the best place to jump around going, “Hey! Hey! Look at me! I’m VOCALIZING!” Seriously, this is some straight-up Jenna Maroney shit.

Second, as Dlisted pointed out, you can see that there’s . . . “something” running down her right leg while she’s performing. What that “something” is, I will leave up to you to imagine because, no thank you. All I’ll say is that Xtina managed to turn something that really should have been open-and-shut into a train wreck. Again. Remember old Britney Spears during her meltdown phase? That is the new Christina. 

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