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Jeremiah wants you to come visit him at Red Rocket Coffee

Jeremiah Luke Credit: Drasko Bogdanovic

Name: Jeremiah Luke
Age: Old enough to know better, too young to care
Sign: Capricorn

“The back of a cab is the wildest place I’ve had sex,” says Jeremiah, who is turned on by impeccable grammar. He likes to hang out at Woody’s and the Eagle, and when asked about his ideal night out says, “As long as I’m with good people and booze, I could care less.” The craziest thing he’s done was get wasted on a beach and walk around the city in nothing but a Speedo. “You should come in and visit me at Red Rocket Coffee!”

Jeremiah invites Xtra readers to stop in for a shot of caffeine at 154 Wellesley St E.