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Xtra Hot: Barrett

‘I like to try something new that neither person has done.’

Barrett is an actor who loves to challenge himself continually. “Great writing, great stories, honesty and working with amazing people inspires me,” he says. “When you’re holding the audience in the palm of your hand and you give them chills, that’s one of the best parts of being an actor.”

Barrett also gets satisfaction from his other job as a personal trainer, saying he loves “helping people and watching their confidence change as they become stronger and fitter. When a client gets that first compliment after they’ve started working with me, that makes me happy, too.” He likes to hang out at Hanlan’s Point in the summer, Allan Gardens in the winter and Woody’s any time of year. As for dating, “I like to try something new that neither person has done, which can be really fun or really silly. Breaks the ice.”

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