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Xtra Hot: Jas Der

A DJ with exquisite musical taste

Jas Der, aka DJ Linguist. Credit: Drasko Bogdanovic

Name: Jas Der, aka DJ Linguist
Age: 28 
Sign: Aquarius

“Language is so central to humans — the complexity of human languages, their differences, similarities, histories. All of it is just so fascinating to me,” says Jas, attempting to explain the DJ moniker. “Language can be studied in so many contexts: psychology, anthropology, sociology, neurology, philosophy . . . Lately, I’ve been listening to nu-disco and indie dance again because I’m planning on incorporating that into a new monthly party coming up,” Jas says. “But I always find myself going back to my favourite tribal-tech DJs and producers. Saeed Younan’s live-mix recordings are at the top of my playlist.”

Catch Linguist spinning Sat, Dec 13 at The Steady, 1051 Bloor St W.
Facebook: facebook.com/heylinguist | Mixcloud: mixcloud.com/linguist