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Xtra hot: John Shield

John likes to ride out to the middle of a San Fran park on the back of a motorbike and ...

PJ Shields  Credit: Drasko Bogdanovic

Name: John Shield
Age: 35 
Sign: Taurus, Aries cusp

“A night out can be with friends for drinks, a walk in the park, a circuit party or a leather event,” PJ says. “I wear many hats and my mood leads me around, so things can either be really planned or totally random, and that’s the fun — never really knowing what’s going to happen.” The Pitbull go-go dancer is turned on by confidence, something that was necessary during his wildest sexual experience: “driving out to the middle of a park in San Francisco on the back of a bike and walking in just far enough we could hear the road but not see it. Kneeling in front of my alpha and him soaking my jeans, blowing him, then climbing back on the bike and heading straight to dinner in my wet denim. Hottest date ever.”