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Xtra Hot: Mike Feswick

You just might find him at The Beaver

Credit: Drasko Bogdanovic

Mike’s guilty pleasure is Bon Jovi, his favourite food is tacos, his most-loved movie is Ingmar Bergman’s Persona, and his everyday inspiration is Ronnie Coleman. He grew up in the Hammer and now lives in the Big Apple. When in Toronto he likes to hang out at Queen’s Park, and his local bar of choice is The Beaver. Turned on by man hands, he prefers briefs “because I need the support,” and the strangest thing you’ll find in his bedroom is his husband. 

Mike describes one of his wildest nights: “After a night of drinking with friends, I took a cab to the airport. I had the driver stop at a random hotel nearby so I could get a couple more drinks. A hockey team was staying at the hotel, and I came across a hallway full of their gear, which was airing out. I filled up my pants and jacket with stinky jocks and jerseys and then took a cab home.”

Instagram: @peepeelepoo | website: mikefeswick.com