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Xtra Hot: Sergey

His perfect date includes making animal sounds and smoking shisha

Credit: Drasko Bogdanovic

Name: Sergey Minko

Age: 25

Sign: Taurus

“Living a passionate life, staying truthful to others and myself, and following my heart,” are values Sergey holds in high esteem. 

In his room you’ll find a pair of wings, and his dream home would include nothing less than “an espresso machine, a trampoline, a piano, a ballroom and a flying carpet.” A huge fan of performing arts and all things pretty, this Russian-born ballroom dancer takes life as one sweet pas de deux. You can often find him walking down Hazelton Avenue or hanging out at the Madison Avenue Pub. His perfect date includes “making animal sounds, smoking shisha and cuddling a lot.”

Facebook: sergey.minko