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Xtra Hot: William

He's had sex in a tennis court in broad daylight

Credit: Drasko Bogdanovic

Name: William Hines

Age: 34

Sign: Aries

A proud trans man and an avid snowboarder, William is a real wild child who thrives on adventure: “Anything from swimming with sharks, dog sledding in the mountains, ATV riding in an Egyptian desert, going way too fast in a Ferrari Spider convertible or winter camping in a yurt,” he says. “And these are the PG-13 stories.” He’s equally daring with his sex life, having done the deed in places like “a tennis court in broad daylight, a New York subway train and a Greyhound bus.”

William mentions Sweaty Betty’s, The Beaver and an equal mix of Hanlan’s Point and Trinity Bellwoods in the summer as his favourite hangouts in the city. His favourite quote? “Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by the romance of the unusual,” from Ernest Hemingway.