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Xtra Hot: Zsombor Burany, Jr

He owns an Elmo thong

Zsombor Burany Jr Credit: Drasko Bogdanovic

Name: Zsombor Burany, Jr
Age: 20 
Sign: Cancer

“All the amazing people I get to meet and the awesome times I get to be a part of,” are two of the reasons Zsombor enjoys working as a model and dancer.

Zsombor’s favourite drink is a glass of zinfandel; his favourite way to relax is a walk with Ziggy, his huge Labradane dog; and his favourite haunt is The Geraldine in Parkdale. He prefers boxer briefs, “or my Elmo thong if I’m feeling frisky.” And when it comes to frisky, the Oakville local is into “biting, scratching, hair pulling — the usual.” Zealous and indefatigable, Zsombor lives by his favourite quote: “The higher you climb, the farther you can see.”

Instagram: iamzsombor
Twitter: iamzsombor